Stop grinding away waiting to be “recognized” and instead, attend…


NYC, October 10-11, 2018


NYC, October 10-11, 2018

If YOU had the opportunity to hop on the radar of influencers, big media and gatekeepers…

(forging partnerships & friendships that’ll accelerate your business growth by years)

…would you give yourself that chance?

or would you continue to…

  • Hope that someday – if you work hard enough – you’ll be tapped on the shoulder by a hotshot editor saying: “Hey, would you like to write an article for us?” (sorry, not how that works)
  • Mumble, “Dammit, why does she always get the influencer endorsements?!” and, “That should’ve been me hugging and laughing with Lewis Howes!”
  • Write a good (but admit it… quarterly) article thinking, “Geez… you’d think I’d get a bunch o’ leads for all this work”, ready to file your publicity efforts under “expensive hobby”

It doesn’t matter if you’re totally new to the game, or if you’re looking for your next level in visibility, credibility and VIP partnerships. If you feel…

“If only I had the right connections things
would be SO much easier!”

… then Unfair Advantage Live is the laser shortcut you’ve been secretly wishing for, offering you a CANDY-STORE of Media connections, influencers and partnerships.

Step into the perfect environment
to make things happen…

… like getting your first ever article published in Forbes,US News & World Report, mindbodygreen… accepting an invitation to talk at TedX, or like getting a TV feature thrown in your lap, on the plane ride home!


Hey, there. I’m Chris Winfield.

(aka “The Superconnector” and “The Media Matchmaker”)

And here’s my promise to you:

I’m going to help you systematically build profitable partnerships – with media, influencers, gatekeepers and more…

…the people who can elevate your business within 30 seconds (the time it takes to whip out a phone and send an intro).

At Unfair Advantage Live, I’m not only giving you access to my personal rolodex of million-dollar connections….

…in two days flat I’ll turn YOU into a Serendipity Machine:

Generating key connections on demand – leveraging those connections for amazing win-win’s.


Super simple.

By doing what you were born to do: genuinely connecting.

Yes, your “unfair advantage” is your unique positioning; plugging into what media wants to hear…

… but your real edge?

Stop wondering, “What can I get from this person?” (what everyone else is thinking), and start asking…

What can I do for you?

This key question helped me transition from the multi-million $$ marketing agency that I’d built to working in my in my zone of genius, with people I absolutely love.

And this I know for a fact:

Those 5 little words are going to change your life too –

…from how you do business and promote yourself, to the type of clients you work with (better) and what money you’re able to bring in (a whole lot more). Starting at Unfair Advantage Live.

And since we’re playing the credibility game, here’s why you should trust me:

I’m a contributor for TIME, Business Insider, INC. and host of a show for Entrepreneurial Magazine.

I’m editor at large at Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global.

I’ve been Featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NBC’s Today Show, USA Today, Fast Company, Forbes and over 200 other places.

I’ve shown clients – including people from companies like Disney, Bai, Virgin, Intuit and countless high profile entrepreneurs & authors – how to leverage their connections with the media and influencers for credibility, authority & profit.

Guess what?! At Unfair Advantage these “ahas” will hit you like a taxi speeding down 5th Avenue…

#1. The Media needs you, as much as you need them

Pitching give you the ick? Lemme tell you this: this is not a zero sum game. The media needs your story. It’s the ultimate win-win: media gets great content, you get exposure. Nothing complicated. Just building relationships. At Unfair Advantage Live I’ll show you exactly how.

#2. Nobody’s “out of your league”

Jeanne, an attendee shares, “We go through life thinking that people who’ve made it, are a different class of humans. At Unfair Advantage I realized the only thing holding me back, was me. They’re just people like us! I suddenly saw myself at that same level. The thought of mingling with New York’s media elite and entrepreneurial influencers made me want to throw up. Now I call some of these people my friends.” Well said.

#3. Promotion isn’t gross. It’s your responsibility!

A week ago I met an amazing Doctor here in New York. But the guy tells me he hates self-promotion! Here’s what I said: if you believe in what you do, if you’re good… you have the responsibility to reach the masses. And media and publicity are the tools to get you there.


“Everyone is there to elevate each other and that’s part of the magic of the Unfair Advantage Live event.”

“I just hit off the year with 50 ready-to-pitch articles! And what’s even better? The editors are waiting for my emails”

“Despite working in Marketing for 20+ years, media and PR felt like I had to hire someone at 10-30K a month who knows what they’re doing, because you’ll never figure it out on your own. Chris pulled back the covers and showed me it’s not as hard as I made it out to be. It’s about relationships and sharing your wisdom and, if you’ve been in business for any number of years… you already know how to do that.

At the event I met a woman who writes 100 articles a month. That’s the moment I decided: “If she can write a 100 articles a month, I can write at least one a day. And that’s exactly what I did. I just hit off the year with 50 ready-to-pitch articles. And what’s even better? The editors – who I connected with at Unfair Advantage – are waiting for my emails” – Sharon Pope

“Relationships are the glue that hold together your business. Whatever level you’re at.”

“Why I’m attending this February? Chris attracts people who are consistently great at what they do. It’s a pool of high level people, from multiple, very different industries. And to be a part of that… to have access to it, is worth every dollar. I’ve known Chris for years, and here’s what I know for sure: Unfair Advantage is unlike other events. Chris doesn’t do “pitch fest”. He offers the antidote to the grab-and-run mentality, and the superficiality of so many of the relationships we have with clients, collaborators etc. we only see as a behind-the-camera Avatar. This is about building real, genuine relationships. What’s more? Chris won’t just show you how to build your network, he’ll also show you how to use your network to help other people. No matter where you are in your business, you still need those referrals… you still need people who say “trust this guy, I know he’s good”. And so, relationships and connection… perhaps the oldest, most overlooked way to sustainably (and quickly) grow your business, is your easiest way to stand out from the pack!” – Eric M. Covino

“Just make it work!! I’m a mom of 3 kids and came to this event 9- months pregnant! That’s how worthwhile it is to come!!”

“I’ve been to 2 unfair advantages – each one better than the next. Chris Winfield is a massive giver and his magnet energy is to attract high quality people who give as well. I left this event with a complete publicity road map. I know exactly how I will be repurposing my content for more media, how to leverage media I already had, and get featured even more. I crafted different angles of my story to pitch to media and most importantly I was introduced to incredible people!!! I’m excited about where this journey will take me! And if you have hesitations about time, about making it work with your schedule… make it work!! I’m a mom of 3 kids and came to this event 9-months pregnant! That’s how worthwhile it is to come!! :)” – Chanie Wilschanski

“Unfair Advantage is the 10x you’ve been looking for! All the things you need to move the needle on your publicity and public relations.”

“Imagine a room full of dynamic go-getting entrepreneurs, who are on the cutting in their business industries, being led by the master connector himself, Chris Winfield. Everyone’s there to elevate each other. And that’s part of the magic of the Unfair Advantage Live event.

The days are full of real actionable advice and real-world how-to’s to get you noticed by the media and how to engage with them. And to top it off you get a media evening where the top media and publicity giants are in a room with you. You feel like a kid in a candy store, but instead of candy, the store is full of all the things you need to move the needle on your publicity and public relations. Run and sign up and 10x your dreams. I can say with all honesty that of all the events I’ve attended –this one has supercharged my business and my brand in the most magnificent of ways.” – Isa Herrera

NYC, October 10-11, 2018

iPhones, notebooks and mouth-spray at dawn!

Learning about networking, media and PR is nice…

… but getting a customized gameplan from a media insider, AND the connections to go with it is better. In two days you’ll learn how to leverage the media + influencers for credibility, authority & profit. It’ll change your business and marketing efforts forever!

Here’s how:

Your Messaging

Your Pitches

Get Personalized Plans
& Expert Feedback

Meet Top Media
& Influencers

Learn How to
Leverage Connections


Think Media and PR are a Secret Society, and you
need $20K to even get in the door? WRONG…

…no wacky handshake required. Here’s what is:

Nail your “unfair advantage” and the pitch to go with it. Feel media-ready by noon. Tap into HOW to become a Serendipity Machine and create profitable partnerships, on demand.

At lunch, shake hands (and accidently swap your smudgy glass) with potential partners, clients and influencers we’ve spotted on your behalf. #mediamatchmaker

Ashley Bernardi, a world-renowned television publicist, is handing you the step-by-step roadmap to getting the TV exposure you’ve been dying for.

Afternoon wraps with media decision-makers taking a hotseat: Senior Editor at Oprah Magazine; Senior Producer of the Dr. Oz show; Editor in Chief at Money Magazine.

Now that you’ve got your Unfair Advantage dialed-in? Let’s put it to work! Meet and mingle with New York’s media elite, influencers and decision-makers, at …

A private cocktail party where the who’s who of New York’s Media top inc,
Influencers and world-renowned experts turn out to be human.

Attend this private cocktail party and meet, match and connect with powerful media gatekeepers and influencers. They showed up with a sole purpose: connecting with YOU.

My team and I will be there to make personal introductions. Get ready to duck if you wish to avoid the “Go talk to this person” and the “Hey, here’s someone you should meet” that’ll be flyin’ around.

FYI: the thought of attending the Media Mixer make you feel like woofing your cookies? You’re not alone. Past attendees admitted to being scared s***tless. But in their own words: “That’s when I knew I had to go!”. Life on the other side of fear is pretty sweet. Plus, it gets published in Reader’s Digest, Mind Body Green, Forbes and more. 🙂


Strike the inbox while it’s hot: everything you need to know to make the most of your new connections…

Now that your iPhone is burning a hole in your pocket with hot new contacts, I’m going to show you how to maximize those connections. Systematically.

I’m sharing actual email/messenger threads between me and editors, in full disclosure. And my simple system for following up (with a whopping 78% success rate).

I’ve invited my man Scott Oldford to show you how to leverage PR for super-qualified lead generation, how to become “omnipresent” and the TOP CHOICE in your industry.

Whether you’re an author, speaker, business owner, coach or consultant…

At the end of Unfair Advantage Live, you’ll walk away with:

 An inbox buzzin’ with action – media connections, PR opportunities,
invites, new friendships and collabs in the making….

 The complete roadmap on how to get, leverage and monetize the media
and PR (or frankly, even your connection with the local grocer)…

 A confidence high (with long lasting effects), insights that’ll explode your
business in the best way possible, and perhaps most importantly:

Faith in humanity restored.

P.S. No goodie-bags. Pinky promise.

Unfair Advantage Live will be held at a top notch Midtown Manhattan hotel!

The Conference, Media Mixer, party and all meals are right at the venue.

There’s no separate “VIP room” at Unfair Advantage…

… I’m leveling the playing field by putting you in the room with
these world renowned experts at Unfair Advantage Live.

Here’s your $10,000 Bonus:

Get 12-Months Access to the Unfair Advantage Mastermind

Unfair Advantage doesn’t stop the moment you remove your name tag. As a bonus, I’m offering you access to my Unfair Advantage Mastermind, that includes a full 12 months of continued support, and…

  1. Ongoing Media Opportunities: Inside the private Unfair Advantage FB group, I regularly post exciting media and PR ops. If the thought of waking up to a post saying “who wants to be featured in [insert your dream publication or podcast], please PM me” makes you really happy… this Media Mastermind is for you
  2. Monthly Expert Masterclasses: Every month, I’m inviting a guest expert on topics like building a brand through the media, pitching, messaging and more. Every masterclass ends with a Q and A session – so you can get your burning questions answered
  3. (Fantastic) Potential Clients: Did I mention many of our mastermind participants have closed over a $100,000 worth of business from this group, forged JV partnerships and more? Yep, you’re getting access to a vetted group of established entrepreneurs who are willing to help, refer and buy!
  4. Direct Access to Me: Not sure about your pitch? Not sure how to follow up without sounding super needy? This mastermind gives you the opportunity to get insider tips that double or triple the likelihood of getting featured – without paying me $2,000 (my hourly rate).
  5. Staying on the Radar: Stay top of mind with a group of people (including myself) who can make it happen for you. Because we’re more connected and eager to help than any other community I know.

This super active group is unlike any other online community you’ve experienced. Members describe it as “The only group I check in with EVERY SINGLE DAY” and “My go-to place if I want to be on a podcast or get featured!”. These are just a handful of the wins that keep pouring in…

Featuring world-class experts like Neil Patel, recognized as one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world by Entrepreneur, top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by President Obama and one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 by the United Nations.

“I Can’t Make The Event, but I Really Want The Mastermind!”


Apply, and on the intake form you can indicate you can’t make next round of Unfair Advantage Live.

My team will reach out to you with 2 alternative Unfair Advantage live options within the next 12 months.

In the meantime, you get INSTANT ACCESS to the Unfair Advantage Mastermind – so you can get your media game going ASAP. No waiting required.


Results so good, even a Manhattan plastic surgeon would refuse to “enhance it’s natural beauty”

Attendees had first-ever articles published in Forbes, US News, World Report, and other major publications (within a week), took home major bookdeals in the works,
found the perfect JV partner and so much more.

Attend ‘Unfair Advantage Live’ and walk away with results like….


 The 2-day, Unfair Advantage Live event ($5,000 value)

 The Media Mixer and cocktail party ($2,500 value)

 Instant access to The Unfair Advantage Mastermind Community ($10,000 value)

 Curated connections over a healthy, delicious lunch (both days) ($500 value)

 Innumerable connections and opportunities to grow your business and brand (priceless)

“Overnight success happens when you work with Chris Winfield!”

– Mike Michalowicz – bestselling author & creator of Profit First

“I was introduced to media I never
had access to before!”

I was grinding away trying to build a reputation. Until I met Chris. He opened the door for me. As a result, I was introduced to media I never had access to before. He blew me away with what he’s achieved in the media, how he’s able to leverage it, the contacts he has. It’s unbelievable! If you want to give exposure to yourself, your brand, your business, there’s no question: Chris Winfield will get you to that next level. I’m proud, honored to consider him a good friend. – Mike Michalowicz

“Chris has an incredible way of helping every single person shine brightly.

“Go, and benefit from the goodwill he’s creating among the media!”

““I go to a lot of events: this one was different. Why? Chris! He is a true connector – authentic and a good human, period. This event is TOTALLY worth it because you get to benefit from the goodwill he has built up among so many people, including the media – and he attracts attendees that are truly special. If you’re wondering, “Should I go?” The answer is YES! – Nicole Wipp

“Thanks for sharing your amazing connections!”

“Thank you Chris, Amy, and all of the amazing people attending this event. This event was eye opening for me and my business. I am excited to follow up with the people I met and some I have not yet been able to talk with. This event will alter the course of my business. I want to also say a huge thank you to TODD for his time and suggestions. He gave me some time and advice I had not thought about and now have not stopped thinking about. Thank you Chris for your time, insight, advice, and sharing your amazing connections. I have been to a lot of events but this one was unique. I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to the next event with Chris. I am so grateful for his time, generosity and sharing his friendships.” – Amy Lacey

It’s already proving to be an epic decision for my business!”

“I can’t say enough about the experience Chris creates at Unfair Advantage! The people he brings together for this event are exceptional. This is one of THE BEST events I’ve been to and it’s already proving to be an epic decision for my business. Chris is generous, knowledgeable and truly has an incredible way of helping every single person shine brightly. Can’t wait till February!” – Kelly Reese

NYC, October 10-11, 2018

“Without publicity something terrible happens. Nothing.” – P.T. Barnum

Unfair Advantage isn’t just about the doors that swing open for you at the event (and they will, trust me):

It’s about the infinity of doors that lie behind that first one.

The moment you reserve your spot, you pull the universal trigger, saying:

“I’m ready for amazing things to happen to me”.

Unparallelled serendipity…

…like not only landing a dream column at Entrepreneur Magazine, but (coincidentally) sharing the aisle with the head of CBS on the plane ride home and being offered a TV feature!

Or like Courtney, who finds herself sitting next to world-renowned coach and bestselling author Marshall Goldsmith. No longer intimidated by big names, Courtney bravely starts a conversation. And he offers to be her mentor.

P.T. Barnum was right when he said: “Without publicity something terrible happens… nothing”. And the same goes for you and your comfort-zone:

you can stay where you are. And a year from now? Wish you’d started today. Or you click that button below, reserve your spot at Unfair Advantage, and by doing so… claim your spot among the great – propelling your business to an entirely new dimension.

Whatever you identify as your next level…

…at Unfair Advantage there’s a connection that’ll get you there.

You show up, I do the intros.

Chris “Win-Win” Winfield

NYC, October 10-11, 2018

P.S. Can’t make the dates work, but would love to join the Unfair Advantage Mastermind today? Click the apply now button. If you’re a good fit, my team will reach out to you with 2 alternative options for future live event dates, AND grant you instant access to the Mastermind.


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