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“If I Knew The Right People, I’d Be Set!”

(You’ve heard the saying, “It’s not what you know—it’s WHO you know.”

… but how do you get to know those “right” people?

If you’ve ever:

  • Slogged through networking events (with nothing to show for it but a pile of noncommittal business cards)
  • Had the chance to meet someone important (but blew it because you didn’t know what you were doing)
  • Avoided publicity and PR altogether (because you didn’t even know where to start or how to avoid sounding like a sales-y wannabe)
    • … it’s time to give yourself an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE by making the weakest part of your business the strongest point.

      If your connections have suffered, you’ve probably built up the rest of your business to compensate for it…

      And that’s GREAT!

    Hey there! I’m Chris Winfield, aka “The Super Connector”

    There’s one question I get asked a lot…

    “How did you end up with so many connections?”

    The answer is simpler than you might expect.

    In April of 2013, I changed up my networking game for good.

    Instead of asking, “What can I get from this person?” (like everyone does…)

    I started asking, “What can I do for you?”

    Since then, I’ve met at least one new person every day and asked them this magic question.

    It’s ballooned into getting to work in my zone-of-genius with people I absolutely love. I’m able to improve and lengthen their client lists, increase their profits (by leaps and bounds), and get them results “beyond their wildest dreams.”

    And if you attend Unfair Advantage Live, I can do that for you, too.

    In three days flat, I’ll turn you into a Serendipity Machine.

    YOU will get access to my personal rolodex of million-dollar connections.

    YOU will systematically build profitable partnerships with media, influencers, gatekeepers, and more—all of whom can elevate your business within 30 seconds (the time it takes to whip out a phone and send an intro).

    YOU will generate key connections on demand and leverage those connections into amazing win-win scenarios.


    By doing what you were born to do: genuinely connecting.

    And by attending the event, you’ll allow me to give you an unfair advantage—ridiculously good connections with all the people you never dreamed you’d meet!

    Within 3 days, you can go from being “just another”
    entrepreneur to:

    Accepting an invitation to talk at TedX

    Getting your first-ever article published in Entrepreneur Magazine, mindbodygreen, and US News & World Report

    Having a TV feature thrown in your lap (on the plane ride home!)

    Yes, these things really happened!

    “Their guards are down. They want to talk. They want to share. They want to help.”

    “I have such clarity that I know exactly where I’m gonna go for the next 12 months.”

    “If you want him to put you in touch with people you never expected in your wildest dreams that you would be in touch with, this is the program for you.”

    Everything you know about networking and publicity is WRONG, and we’re spilling the truth at Unfair Advantage Live. Here’s a preview…

    #1. If self-promotion feels “icky,” you just aren’t doing it right.

    Earlier this year, I met an prominent doctor here in New York. He was struggling to fill his patient roster because he couldn’t bring himself to promote himself and his business. I told him, “If you believe in what you do, if you’re good, if you care… you have a responsibility to reach the masses. And media and publicity are the tools to get you there.” (He later told me this short piece of advice changed his life.)

    #2. The media needs you as much as you need them!

    The media is just a bunch of people constantly searching for new content to publish—so why shouldn’t it be yours? You can create win-win scenarios with the media just by building relationships, and I’ll teach you exactly how to do that at the event.

    #3. NOBODY is “out of your league.”

    Jeanne Andrus, a recent attendee, said it best: “We go through life thinking that people who’ve ‘made it’ are a different class of humans. At Unfair Advantage, I realized the only thing holding me back was me. They’re just people like us! I suddenly saw myself at that same level. The thought of mingling with New York’s media elite and entrepreneurial influencers made me want to throw up. Now I call some of these people my friends.”


    (Only 1 Spots Left!)

    “About three weeks later, I got an article published in Entrepreneur Magazine online, and that was my first published article!”

    “By far one of the best investments I’ve made in my business—and myself.”

    “I didn’t just make connections. I got an ‘in.”

    Here’s What You’ll Get:

    Whether you’re an author, speaker, business owner, coach, or consultant, after three value-packed days, you’ll walk away with:

    The complete roadmap on how to get, leverage, and monetize the media and PR

    A customized game plan vetted by a media insider…

    …and the connections to go with it!

    ✓ Master Your Messaging

    • I’ll help you nail down exactly what your brand is about and why it matters. Once you can put your business’s goodwill into words, pitching won’t feel gross anymore – in fact, you’ll be dying to share! (And before your confidence high fades, you’ll have a chance to do just that.)

     Perfect Your Pitches

    • Discover what “unfair advantage” you bring to your clients and create a killer pitch to go with it. You’ll never feel more media-ready than right after this exercise!

     A Custom Game Plan & Expert Feedback

    • World-renowned publicity experts from places like Entrepreneur Magazine, Oprah, The Dr. Oz Show, Well+Good, NBC, CBS, and Bloomberg give masterclasses with Q&A time. Walk away with a media-approved strategy for getting the exposure and dream opportunities you deserve!

     Meet Top Media & Influencers

    • During lunch, shake hands with potential partners, clients, and influencers we’ve spotted on your behalf. By the end of the event, your inbox will be buzzing with action (media connections, PR opportunities, invites, new friendships, and collaborations in the making….)

     Learn How to Leverage Connections

    • So you’ve met important people… now what?! I’ll teach you how to systematically make the most of your new contacts so you can strike the inbox while it’s hot! You’ll become a Serendipity Machine with the ability to create profitable partnerships on demand. Plus, I’ll share real email/messenger threads between me and editors in full disclosure—AND my simple system for follow-up (with a whopping 78% success rate).

    But if you think I’m going to get you media-ready and then just send you on your way… you’re wrong.

    Meet and mingle with New York’s media elite, influencers, and decision makers at…

    Allow me to set you up for success at a private cocktail party where New York’s top media, influencers, and world-renowned experts turn out to be human.

    Meet, match, and connect with powerful people who showed up with a sole purpose: to connect with YOU.

    And let’s be clear—there’s no VIP room at this event. EVERYONE attends the Media Mixer!

    My team and I will be there to make personal introductions. We know exactly who you need to meet to grow your individual business, and we’re ready to introduce you!

    Sound terrifying?

    The thought of attending the Media Mixer makes most people feel like woofing their cookies. Past attendees have admitted to being scared s***less.

    But in their own words: “That’s when I knew I had to go!”

    As you can probably imagine, NONE of them regret going (which is pretty easy to say when you’re being published in Reader’s Digest, Mind Body Green, Forbes and more!)

    And the incredible connections, sessions, and training continue…

    Here’s your $10,000 Bonus!

    Worried your connections from the Media Mixer will just “fizzle out” after a couple months?

    Keep the ridiculously great networking going for an entire YEAR with a membership to the Unfair Advantage Live (UAL) Facebook community (valued at $10K).

    You can expect:

    ✓ Ongoing Connections

    • Looking for guests for your podcast, speakers for your event, or potential JV partnerships? So is everyone in this group. Exchange favors and grow your businesses exponentially!

     Clients and Referrals

    • It’s not unheard of to do $100,000 worth of business just from this group! (And it’s not surprising, either, when you consider that all members are established entrepreneurs willing to help, refer, and buy.)

     The Get Sh** Done Guarantee

    • Looking for an accountability boost? Log in at any time to see post after post of massive media breakthroughs.

     Exclusive Opportunities

    • During lunch, shake hands with potential partners,When I hear Money Inc. needs an article or TEDxLincolnSquare is looking for a speaker, guess where I’m posting first? That’s right – the UAL Facebook group has first dibs!

    Here are just a few examples of opportunities I’ve posted in the UAL Facebook group:


    • The 3-day Unfair Advantage Live event in New York City
    • The Media Mixer
    • A healthy lunch, snacks, and drinks (all 3 days)
    • 12-month membership to the UAL Facebook group ($10K value)
    • Absolutely everything you need to make connections, maximize their potential, and quickly take your business to the next level

    Here’s What to Do Next…

    Click the “Apply Now!” button and fill out the application on the next page. It includes some questions about your business, what challenges you’re facing, and what you’re looking to gain from the event.

    After submitting the application, a member of my team will contact you to set up a quick call. We’ll answer all your questions and make sure the event is the right fit for you. If it is, we’ll get you set up on the spot and send over all the event details.

    (Only 1 Spots Left!)

    Unfair Advantage Live will be held at Yotel in NYC!

    The event, Media Mixer, party, and all meals are right at this stunning venue:

    Why THIS Event?

    You can learn how to connect with the media at any old event…

    But at Unfair Advantage Live, you’ll actually MEET the people you’re preparing for.


    I’m known for my unique and extensive connections across the industries… and I’m willing to share.

    • I’m a contributor for INC. and host of a show for Entrepreneur Magazine.
    • My writings have appeared in Business Insider, TIME, Buffer and other top-tier publications.
    • I’ve been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NBC’s Today Show, USA Today, ABC News, Fast Company, Fox Extra, Forbes, and over 200 other media outlets.
    • I’ve shown clients—including people from companies like Disney, Bai Brands, Virgin, Intuit, Cali’Flour Foods, and countless high profile entrepreneurs & authors—how to leverage their connections with the media and influencers for credibility, authority, and profit.

    Past Attendees Describe It Even Better Than I Can

    “I just hit off the year with 50 ready-to-pitch articles! And what’s even better? The editors are waiting for my emails.

    “Despite working in marketing for 20+ years, [when it came to] media and PR, it felt like I had to hire someone who knows what they’re doing at $10-30K a month because I’d never figure it out on my own. Chris pulled back the covers and showed me that it’s not as hard as I made it out to be. It’s about relationships and sharing your wisdom and, if you’ve been in business for any number of years… you already know how to do that.

    “At the event, I met a woman who writes 100 articles a month. That’s the moment I decided, ‘If she can write a 100 articles a month, I can write at least one a day.’ And that’s exactly what I did. I just hit off the year with 50 ready-to-pitch articles. And what’s even better? The editors—who I connected with at Unfair Advantage—are waiting for my emails.

    – Sharon Pope

    Relationships are the glue that holds together your business, whatever level you’re at.”

    “Why am I attending this February? Chris attracts people who are consistently great at what they do. It’s a pool of high-level people from multiple, very different industries. And to be a part of that, to have access to it, is worth every dollar.

    “I’ve known Chris for years, and here’s what I know for sure: Unfair Advantage is unlike other events. Chris doesn’t do ‘pitchfest.’ He offers the antidote to the grab-and-run mentality, and the superficiality of so many of the relationships we have with clients, collaborators etc. we only see as a behind-the-camera avatar. This is about building real, genuine relationships.

    “What’s more? Chris won’t just show you how to build your network. He’ll also show you how to use your network to help other people. No matter where you are in your business, you still need those referrals. You still need people who say, “Trust this guy. I know he’s good.” And so relationships and connections—perhaps the oldest, most overlooked way to sustainably (and quickly) grow your business—is your easiest way to stand out from the pack!”

    – Eric M. Covino

    “Just make it work!! I’m a mom of three kids and came to this event nine months pregnant! That’s how worthwhile it is to come!!”

    “I’ve been to two Unfair Advantage [events]—each one better than the last. Chris Winfield is a massive giver, and his magnetic energy attracts high quality people who give as well. I left this event with a complete publicity road map. I know exactly how I will be repurposing my content for more media, how to leverage media I already had, and get featured even more. I crafted different angles of my story to pitch to media and, most importantly, I was introduced to incredible people!!! I’m excited about where this journey will take me! And if you have hesitations about time, about making it work with your schedule… make it work!! I’m a mom of three kids and came to this event nine months pregnant! That’s how worthwhile it is to come!! :)”

    – Chanie Wilschanski

    “Unfair Advantage is the 10x you’ve been looking for! All the things you need to move the needle on your publicity and public relations.

    “Imagine a room full of dynamic go-getting entrepreneurs who are on the cutting in their business industries being led by the master connector himself, Chris Winfield. Everyone’s there to elevate each other. And that’s part of the magic of the Unfair Advantage Live event.

    The days are full of real, actionable advice and real world how-to’s to get you noticed by the media and [engaging] with them.

    “And to top it off, you get a media evening where the top media and publicity giants are in a room with you. You feel like a kid in a candy store, but instead of candy, the store is full of all the things you need to move the needle on your publicity and public relations. Run and sign up and 10x your dreams. I can say with all honesty that of all the events I’ve attended, this one has supercharged my business and my brand in the most magnificent of ways.

    – Isa Herrera

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is the workshop + Where should I stay?

    The workshop is at the famous Yotel in Manhattan.

    We have a deal with Yotel and the rate is around $99 a night. We’ll also send you an email with neighboring hotels for you to choose from as well.

    What airport do I fly into + When should I arrive?

    We recommend flying into Newark Airport (EWR) but you can also fly into LaGuardia (LGA) & John F. Kennedy (JFK). Then take an Uber/taxi into the city, which an easy 20-30 minutes ride (depending on traffic)

    We kick off Unfair Advantage event at 9am. We recommend that if you are flying into New York you come in the night before so you can get yourself ready.

    What’s included in my investment?
    • Three (3) day high-quality training experience on how to leverage the media and influencers for credibility, authority & profit.
    • Access to media influencers and decision-makers via the scheduled Media Mixer and cocktail party.
    • Curated connections over three (3) healthy, delicious lunches
    • One (1) year membership in the Unfair Advantage Facebook Community from the date of your registration. ($10,000 value)
    • Access to build connections and opportunities to grow your business and brand.
    What type of media connections will be at the event?
    Our media mixer brings together the who’s who of New York’s media, top influencers and world-renowned experts. The exact guest list varies, but past mixers have included U.S. New World & Report, Time, CNBC, National Geographic, ABC News, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Well + Good, Forbes, Reader’s Digest, Mind Body Green, Money Magazine, Inc and Wall Street Journal to name a few.
    What if there aren’t media connections at the event in my specific market?

    Chris brings in a variety of global media connections that publish segments on variety of topics. And they know people who know people who know people, etc. The true transformation of this event is beyond the connections. It’s in helping you develop the confidence, the courage, and the readiness to go out there and present, pitch, and get yourself the publicity your business deserves so you can increase your impact in the world.

    Will I get specific feedback on how I pitch & present my business/ideas to the media?
    During the 3 day event you’ll learn all the tools, tactics, and strategies from Chris and his expert guests who are mega media influencers. Plus we’ll have break out sessions and opportunities for you to get feedback. In addition, we keep this party going beyond the event inside our Unfair Advantage LIVE private facebook group so you can stay connected, stay plugged in, and continue to get the support you need to get your message, your offering, and your business out there into the world.
    Is Unfair Advantage LIVE right for me IF…..?

    My business is new (under a year old)

    If you aren’t clear on who your business is, how it serves, and what problem it solves then we would suggest that you hold off until you have that clarity and have validated your business offering with paying customers/clients.

    However, if you are clear and generating revenue in your business and are ready for the next level, please feel free to apply and we’ll review your application to ensure it’s a good fit for you to attend.

    Has never received or pitched myself for publicity before

    That’s exactly why you’re being invited to UA Live! Every idea, message and business has to start somewhere. Why not start with Chris’s rolodex of top influencers, experts, and media connections who are coming to UA Live specifically to help you master your message, perfect your pitch, and teach you how to leverage connections. Plus, you’ll actually have an opportunity to meet the media in the Media Mixer.

    What if I’m not 100% sure about my core message/branding?

    No worries. Inside Unfair Advantage live you’re going to get the help you need to Master your Message, Perfect your Pitch, and get personalized plans & expert feedback.

    The feedback we receive from our past attendees who also had some blocks around their messaging is that UA Live was the event that helped them fast track their clarity, release any resistance/fear around their message so they could claim their message with confidence!

    Plus, we keep the party going after the event inside the UA Live Facebook group.. So you will not be alone in doing this! We’ve got you!

    What if something comes up and I can’t make it?

    While there are no refunds for the event, we absolutely understand things happen. If you need to cancel last minute or up to 30 days prior to the event we’ll happily allow you to book yourself into any of the upcoming events, up to a year out from original workshop date.

    In the meantime, you will still be an insider and a part of the UA Live Facebook family where you can still gain insight, support, tips, and accountability to get your business out there into the world of publicity.

    Enter with High Expectations and Leave Feeling Blown Away

    Past UAL attendees have been published in major publications, taken home major book deals, found perfect JV partners, and much more!

    Walk Away From the Event with Results Like This…

    These are just a few VIPs who have attended Unfair Advantage Live events

    Andrea Huspeni
    Director of Special Projects Entrepreneur Magazine

    Kate Santichen
    Senior Video Producer
    Time Inc + MONEY

    Susie Moore
    Founder of
    Side Hustle Academy

    Ashley Bernardi
    Nardi Media, LLC

    Adam Auriemma
    Editor-in-chief at
    Money Magazine

    Melanie Deziel

    Derek Halpern
    Social Triggers & Zippy Courses

    Shelcy Joseph
    Forbes, The Muse, Penny Hoarder

    Vanna Le
    Senior Editor
    Inc Magazine

    Nick Onken
    Celebrity Photograher for
    Justin Beiber, Usher, Lewis Howes

    Justin Silverman
    National Geographic

    Cleo Stiller
    Fusion TV

    Ari Zoldan
    Writer for Inc, HuffPo, TheStreet
    Regular guest on CNN, Fox, NBC

    Farnoosh Torabi
    Best-selling author, Oprah’s finance columnist & host of So Money podcast

    Kathy Gulinello
    Senior Supervising Producer
    “The Dr. OZ Show”

    Stacy Horowitz
    Partnerships Manager
    Penguin Random House

    James Altucher
    Author of Choose Yourself
    Editor at The Altucher Report

    Kathleen Elkins

    Fran Hauser
    Investor & Media Exec
    (Time Inc.’s PEOPLE, InStyle & EW)

    Tom Kelly
    Resident Comedian
    at The View

    Sarah Passick
    Literary Agent
    Sterling Lord

    Ramit Sethi
    CEO & Author of
    I Will Teach You To Be Rich

    Kirsten Taggart
    Senior Video Producer

    Dani Zoldan
    Owner of
    NYC’s Top Comedy Club

    Selena Soo
    Creator of Impacting Millions &
    Top Publicity Strategist

    Leigh Weingus
    Senior Yoga & Fitness Editor

    Jonathan Fields
    Best-selling author & host of top 100 podcast, Good Life Project

    Ryan Lee
    Freedym Media

    Todd Herman
    High-Performance Expert &
    Creator of The 90 Day Year

    Kyle Kramer
    VP, Video

    Anna Miller
    Editor, Health & Wellness at
    U.S. News & World Report

    Elaine Pofeldt
    Contributing Writer
    Forbes, Fortune, Money, Inc., CNBC

    Shane Snow
    Award-Winning Journalist &
    Bestselling Author of Smartcuts

    Dria de Botton Barnes
    Editor in Chief
    at Greatist

    Linsey Davis
    at ABC News

    Celeste Fine
    Literary Agent
    Sterling Lord

    Linda Lacina
    Managing Editor
    Entrepreneur Magazine

    Scott Oldford
    Lead Generation Expert &
    Founder of INFINITUS

    Even More Testimonials (for you people who read 100 Amazon reviews before every purchase)

    “Overnight success happens when you work with Chris Winfield!”

    “I was grinding away, trying to build a reputation… until I met Chris. He opened the door for me. As a result, I was introduced to media I never had access to before. He blew me away with what he’s achieved in the media, how he’s able to leverage it, the contacts he has… it’s unbelievable! If you want to give exposure to yourself, your brand, and your business, there’s no question: Chris Winfield will get you to that next level. I’m proud and honored to consider him a good friend.”

    – Mike Michalowicz Bestselling Author & Creator of Profit First

    “Chris has an incredible way of helping every single person shine brightly.”

    “I go to a lot of events. This one was different. Why? Chris! He is a true connector—authentic and a good human, period. This event is TOTALLY worth it because you get to benefit from the goodwill he has built up among so many people, including the media, and he attracts attendees [who] are truly special. If you’re wondering, ‘Should I go?’ …the answer is YES! Go, and benefit from the goodwill he’s creating among the media!”

    – Nicole Wipp

    “Thanks for sharing your amazing connections!”

    “Thank you Chris, Amy, and all of the amazing people attending this event. This event was eye-opening for me and my business. I am excited to follow up with the people I met and some I have not yet been able to talk with. This event will alter the course of my business. I want to also say a huge thank you to TODD for his time and suggestions. He gave me some time and advice I had not thought about and now have not stopped thinking about. Thank you Chris for your time, insight, advice, and sharing your amazing connections. I have been to a lot of events but this one was unique. I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to the next event with Chris. I am so grateful for his time, generosity, and sharing [of] his friendships.”

    – Amy Lacey

    “It’s already proving to be an epic decision for my business!”

    “I can’t say enough about the experience Chris creates at Unfair Advantage! The people he brings together for this event are exceptional. This is one of THE BEST events I’ve been to and it’s already proving to be an epic decision for my business. Chris is generous, knowledgeable, and truly has an incredible way of helping every single person shine brightly. Can’t wait till February!”

    – Kelly Reese

    ALL of our past events have sold out…

    So if you’re at all serious about taking your business to the next level, apply NOW.

    I take as many applications as I can, but when we’re full… we’re full.

    Don’t miss out!

    “Without publicity something terrible happens. Nothing.” – P.T. Barnum

    A year from now, you’ll wish you’d started today.

    Leave your comfort zone behind and click the button below to fill out your application.

    After submitting the application, a member of my team will contact you to set up a quick call. We’ll answer all your questions and make sure the event is the right fit for you. If it is, we’ll get you set up on the spot and send over all the event details.

    No matter what you identify as your “next level,” at Unfair Advantage Live, there’s a connection that will get you there.

    You show up.

    I do the intros.

    See you in New York!

    If networking and connections are the weakest part of your business, make them the strongest in just three days at the Unfair Advantage Live event!

    I’ll teach you how to:

    • Master your messaging (so you’ll never feel gross or unsure about self-promotion again)
    • Perfect your pitches (and discover your own “unfair advantage”)
    • Make a customized game plan (based on expert masterclasses taught by influencers from Entrepreneur Magazine, Oprah, and more)
    • Meet top media & influencers (and fill up your inbox with opportunities!)
    • Leverage connections (and create profitable partnerships with my 78% successful follow-up system)

    PLUS, attend the Media Mixer—a private cocktail party where New York’s top media, influencers, and world-renowned experts turn out to be human…
    AND gain 12 months of access to the UAL Facebook group, where you can expect ongoing connections and exclusive opportunities!

    (Only 1 Spots Left!)

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