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Imagine your business 10 years from now…

The money (MILLIONS!). Getting featured in top publications. A New York Times Bestselling Book. Speaking in front of thousands of people (and getting standing ovations). Being on TV, airing your message to millions of homes: Industry Leading Status.

…and now picture getting there in the next 6-12 months.

Yes, YOU – for real!

Because that’s what happens when you join Chris & Jen for:

A one-day intensive in a private, Upper West Side Penthouse in NYC that will accelerate your business growth by years and free you from the hamster wheel of look alikes and “maybes”.

“Thanks Chris and Jen, I’m now well on my way to $30 MILLION this year!” ~ Amy Lacey, Califlour Foods

Ready to Accelerate your Business Growth by a Decade?

— For UA Community Members, or by Exceptional Recommendation Only —

You’re a fast mover (that’s why you’re so successful)…

But sometimes, you wish you could go, well… FASTER (and not just faster, in a better direction too!)

And it’s exactly that frustrating gap between where you are right now, and where you want to be, that’s driving you NUTS!

What’s it gonna take?!

You’ll do whatever it takes, if only you knew what it was!

Sadly, that QUANTUM LEAP you’re craving always seems *JUST* a little bit out of reach (not anymore, keep reading!!).

At the same time…

You feel there’s so much potential in your business.

In YOURSELF! (and you’re 100% spot on, BTW).

And it makes you wonder:

“How long will it take before I see all of those affirmations and manifesting actually pay off?” And perhaps you’re even starting to wonder, “What’s WRONG with me?” (the answer is NOTHING, we’ve got your back!).

You suffer from restless, chronic impatience, and here’s why:

“You’ve never been a “someday” kinda person. You’re a “let’s do this RIGHT NOW kinda person!”

(in fact, you’re our kind of persona top performing entrepreneur with an appetite for nothing less than GREATNESS)

And now you have a choice to make:

Yes, you can wait a year (or ten), trying to painstakingly trial and error your way to:


Hitting that 7 or 8-figure mark (but being too burnt out to even enjoy the rewards, IF you get there!)

…or we’ll take the day to lay out your unique path to MILLIONS, like we did for Amy Lacey ($30,000,000 and counting!)


Getting featured as a Industry Leader (after going through endless editors rejecting and ignoring you)

or… how about we do personal intros to editors at TOP PUBLICATIONS like Forbes, Inc., the New York Times?


Landing the book deal of a lifetime (after playing around & playing it small with self-publishing for years)

Or… receive endorsements that lead to a publisher bidding war and a $500,000 royalty advance. (hey, that’s half a million dollars – hello!!!!)


Finally launching your signature course (and barely breaking even)

or… let us have a look at your offer and increase your chances of a high, six-figure (or even seven) launch by 47%.

Your business journey can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be.

Yes, you can grind your way to the top (if you’re lucky enough to figure out how to even get there)…

…or you can sign up today (onthis very page) for the BUSINESS QUANTUM LEAP of a lifetime!

Ready to skip the avoidable mistakes that can set you back years? Ditch the limiting beliefs that have kept you playing small? And become your industry’s Leading Expert within the next few months?

Because here’s what you can expect as a VIP client…


We’re paving your shortest path to getting (and staying) on the radar!

Here’s what you’re going to get:


Make your investment back in no time with Chris’ anonymous endorsement, like Teri Cochran who earned back her investment back after just 4 short days following her VIP.


Get intros to top editors, publishers, celebrities, influencers, industry leaders. Our rolodex is vast, and when you’re a VIP? Our connections are YOUR connections.


Leave with brand new avenues to add value and make (a lot!) more money. And you don’t walk out the door with just ideas – we’ll hook you up with the connections you need to make it happen!


What would happen if you believed in yourself for the next 360 days? Find out with us in NYC, because your VIP Day includes the sniffing out and eradicating of limiting beliefs. We’re like Ghostbusters!


Who would you be, if you were no longer obsessed with other people’s opinion of you? On VIP Day, we’ll find it out and give full permission to create a business around who you truly are!


Our VIP’s are like family, and we love them fiercely. And yes, we’re hosting VIP Day in our own home in NYC. Ready to meet our puppie and see our incredible view (you might just spot Bono!).

We’ll show you what you’re truly capable of (beyond anything you can even imagine right now)…

And pair it with unprecedented CLARITY on how you can turn potential into INFLUENCE + INCOME!

Ready to Accelerate your Business Growth by a Decade?

— For UA Community Members, or by Exceptional Recommendation Only —

We’ll Believe in You, Until You Can Believe in Yourself…and together, we’ll accomplish 3x as much, 10x as fast!

“Hey, it’s Chris and Jen here to share what top entrepreneurs (like YOU) kept asking us:”

“Can I work with you for an uninterrupted block of time?!”

ABSOLUTELY! The VIP Day is our answer to that question.

You want us to get to know you and your business like it was our own (and we can’t wait!). You want to receive our undivided, personal attention, and spend the day together – in which we can truly dive deep as a team to identify those exact steps it will take to skyrocket your business to the next level…

… so we can help you discover those opportunities you can’t even see right now! (Once you do – you’ll have NO PROBLEM making back your investment within weeks – just like the vast majority of past VIP’s.)

But there’s “stuff” standing in your way (mindset, habits, “shoulds”, or the lack of connections). It’s what will sabotage your every effort to break through to the next level, and can take YEARS to overcome on your own.

Well, we’re here to bust through those barriers within hours.

We’ll make the connections that will alter the course of your life and business in the direction of GREATNESS (within minutes!).

Oh, and did we mention you’ll become like family to us?

If you’re willing to take this massive leap, you’ll have us in your corner for life. #respect.

Need a quick reminder of who you’ll be working with, and why we’re uniquely positioned to help you take the business leap of a lifetime?


The “Superconnector”

Chris Winfield – AKA the “Super Connector” – is the editor at large for Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, a columnist for TIME, Business Insider, and INC., and host of a show for Entrepreneur. He’s been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NBC’s Today Show, USA Today, Fast Company, Forbes and over 200 other media outlets.

His live Event “Unfair Advantage Live” and his signature program, the “Unfair Advantage Accelerator” have helped hundreds of “best kept secrets” transform into acknowledged experts and industry leaders.


Peak Performance Coach

Jen Gottlieb is known for getting her celebrity and millionaire (and billionaire) CEO clients performing at the top of their game.

Supporting them in creating what they truly want in life and business: from increasing their visibility (and increasing their bottom line), to finding their dream partner and starting a family.

A former Broadway actress, and founder of her own successful companies (JLG productions, and JLG Fitness), Jen has been featured in US News, CBS News, American Dream TV, MTV, Well + Good, Women’s Health and has been a 2-time cover model for Steppin’ Out Magazine.

“I’ll personally intro you to the industry gatekeepers who can change your life and business by giving you a single chance.”

(And let’s face it – that’s what moves the engine of business faster and further than anything else.)



Imagine having Random House, Penguin and Abrams Books fight over the privilege of publishing your book. Possible when you’re a VIP. $500,000 advance included.


If you’re looking for an investor or a buyer, VIP Day will turn into the most lucrative day of your life. Chris is the perfect business “matchmaker”, responsible for businesses selling as much as $1.7 MILLION.


Yep, with Chris and Jen’s help, you’ll be able to get any publicity you desire. Past VIP’s have been published in INC., Entrepreneur Magazine, The New York Times, US News and more.


Past VIP’s have been hired by people like Jonathan Fields and Scott Oldford, and have been featured by international celebrities like Farnoosh Torabi. What big name would you love to meet, and better…collaborate with?

Potential Clients

Chris’ referral network has made the people in his community tens of millions of dollars. And, as a VIP, you’re accessing the very top of his priority list when it comes to referring and introducing you, and dropping your name in very influential circles.

Collaborative Partners

VIP’s have the privilege
of getting hooked up with other top players in Chris and Jen’s sphere. Resulting in new conferences, programs and retreats selling out to the tune of $300,0000 and more!

TV Producers

Want to be on the Dr. Oz show, American Real TV, BOLD TV and more? VIP Day might just be your big break: Chris knows many of the behind-the-scenes Gatekeepers, AKA the REAL decision-makers when it comes to who gets to have that national TV hot seat at primetime.


Want to publish your first book? Chris helped past VIPs to secure a literary agent who only interviews 1% of the writers who knock on his door (and engages even fewer!). The result? A bestseller in the making! It feels good to be backed by powerful people!

Top Experts

Turn great ideas into successful launches, books written and stages taken (and more) with Chris and Jen’s extensive network of TOP experts and service providers, from FB ad strategists, to copywriters and youtube experts.

Your VIP Day Experience Includes:

#1 A detailed, 45-minute intake call, to SLAM DUNK your VIP Day

#2: Your VIP Day at Jen & Chris’ Home (Upper  West Side Apartment, 19th floor, looking out over central park, and the Hudson river!)

#3: A 5-star Experience, including a delicious,  healthy lunch and our best hotel recommendations (we’ll take care of you)

#4: Ultimate Clarity on your next steps, and the mindset to go out and MAKE IT HAPPEN

#5: Personal introductions to editors, publishers, celebrities, influencers, agents and more (whatever connections you need to create your Quantum Leap)

#6: An anonymous endorsement from Chris: get introduced to his community and if you’re like the VIP’s who’ve gone before you, make back your investment within weeks!

#7: The full (video) recording and transcript of your VIP Day – so you can listen to it again, and share it with your team to help you execute!


Take the Leap of a Lifetime Looking Out on Possibility and WEALTH!

“I ended up making back my investment that same month. AND MORE!”

“I can honestly say, VIP Day saved me YEARS of trial and error. It’s the ultimate way to leverage your time and strengths!”

Jim Brown, Financial Expert


(plus some practical details you might want to know before hitting that apply button)


If you’ve landed on this page, that means you’re either a UA community member (you’ve attended Unfair Advantage Live, or are part of the Unfair Advantage Accelerator). Or, you come HIGHLY recommended.

Still, it might be that you don’t fit the criteria fo VIP Day.

We open up two days or less each month for this exclusive opportunity, and we want to give those rare spots to the individuals who are truly ready to step up as industry leaders.

Before you apply, know that although most VIP’s make back their investment within weeks (or more!), we guarantee no results.

Yes, there’s a payment plan.

And all sales are final.

Didn’t scare you?

That’s why you might be a perfect fit for VIP Day <3

As soon as you’re on the calendar, Nick Wolny (our right hand man) will reach out to you to set up the detailed intake call – to ensure a total SLAM DUNK on VIP Day.

We can’t wait to help you soar cloud high – where you belong.


Ready to Take the Leap of a Lifetime – and Accelerate your Business Growth by a Decade?

— For UA Community Members, or by Exceptional Recommendation Only —

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